Welcome to the MEASAT 360 degree feedback  site, hosted by GRAVITAS

360 feedback is a way of getting an accurate assessment of your behaviour and attitudes as you go about your daily business. This MEASAT 360 is based on the MEASAT competency framework, which you are already very familiar with. Additionally, there are three more competencies which are specific to your department.

To get the best from this MEASAT 360 you need a clear idea  of what it is, and is not, intended to achieve.

  • 360 feedback really gives you the opportunity to improve and develop your career by clearly showing you the things you need to do, by building on your strengths.
  • It can be used as part of the process of looking at your training and development needs for the future.
  • When you are planning your career it can give you an idea of how you rate against the competencies you will need for both your current and the next  job and show you what you need to do to progress.
  • Appraisal360 is only effective if you take the results seriously and respect the fact that people have been genuine in what they say about you in order to help you improve.
  • Feedback needs to be given in a climate of openness and honesty and it is important to ask the respondents you have chosen to tell the truth even if they think you might not like it.

Thank you for taking part in what will be an important step in your personal development.


Segar Jeyatsingh

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